Virtual numbers are geographic or non-geographic telephone numbers that are not attached to a physical location and is located in the ‘cloud’. This means that they can be used to provide all sorts of advanced features and can be used anywhere in the world.

A simple use for virtual numbers to offer the ability to keep an existing telephone number when moving premises if not moving within the same area. By porting the existing telephone number to our platform, we can divert your calls to your new telephone number. There is also the option for terminating a geographic telephone number, such as 01 and 02, to a mobile phone to make it appear that you have a fixed office.

Here at Finn Telecom, we make use of the market-leading Number Manager platform for our virtual numbers which offers many benefits, including:

Simple Services – Divert calls to a specific telephone number to another, either landline or mobile. This option allows for a voicemail service to be added should the call not be answered.

Advanced Services – Divert calls to a single or group of telephone numbers, either in a specified order, all at once or in a hunt group configuration.

Interactive Services – Create interactive telephone services such as IVR menus to direct callers to different terminating numbers or departments.

Area Based Routing – Divert calls to a specific telephone number based on which part of the country the caller is calling from, based on their STD code. Useful for franchises where you want to promote one nationwide telephone number but divert calls to the local franchisee.

Fax to Email – Use this service to get rid of your old fax machine or take advantage of being able to receive faxes without a physical machine. When someone sends a fax to your provided number, our systems will convert this to an email and deliver it direct to your inbox.

Conferencing Services – Host audio conferences via a supplied number(s) for multiple attendees and have the conference call emailed to you as an email attachment. Read more here –

Call Recording – This feature will allow you to record all of your telephone calls and receive them as an attachment in your email inbox.

Mid-Call Transfer – Transfer an incoming call to another person in the middle of a conversation, just like a telephone system.

Pre-Connection Greeting – Greet the caller with a comfort message or greeting, using a pre-recorded version or record your own.

Whisper Announcement – Before connection of your caller, a whisper announcement will be played to you. This could be useful if using a virtual number as a business line on a residential landline, easily distinguishing the two apart.

Display Number – Choose which number to present to the termination end point, be it a mobile or landline with caller ID. You can choose to show either the number that the caller is calling you from or the telephone number that they dialled. The latter being useful when running multiple businesses from one telephone line or mobile.

Voicemail – There is the added option of a voicemail service on your virtual number with the recording being emailed to you as an attachment.

Out of Hours – Choose time of day routing for your calls, sending out of hours calls to a voicemail or different number.

Queue – Create a call queue to enable multiple calls to wait until you are available to take them. This is useful for call centres.

Missed Call Alerts – Be alerted of missed calls in order that you can call back when convenient.

Disaster Recovery – In the case your terminating number cannot be reached, calls can be diverted to another destination.

Date Exceptions – Restrict incoming calls based on dates of the year.

Caller Exceptions – Restrict certain telephone numbers from being able to call through to your number. This feature is useful against nuisance callers.

Call Statistics – Full call statistics are available with the above services including number of calls received, calling number, time of day, answered versus engaged and much more.