ADSL from Finn Telecom offers standard broadband over analogue lines of up to 24Mbps download and 1.3Mbps upload. Our broadband solutions are ideal for SOHO and SME businesses or as a backup to other circuits. Our broadband connections can also be used to carry SIP trunks or for use with our Hosted VoIP solution, depending on the end point location and distance from the local exchange.

ADSL Broadband is a best endeavour product and comes with no service level agreement (SLA). Therefore if your business relies heavily on internet connectivity then you should consider a higher grade product such as a leased line or EFM as these come with an appropriate SLA.

Our ADSL Broadband packages start from £14.99 with 10GB download allowance up to £29.99 per month for 200GB download allowance.

Our Fibre Broadband packages come in two service offerings. A 80/20 service where the telephone line can support this and a 40/20 service where the telephone line cannot support the highest rates maybe due to distance or exchange equipment. If you have an existing telephone line we can look at the expected speed on your line and provide the best service for you. If you are looking for a new telephone line installation then we will look at the local exchange and give our best opinion on which service would be best if looking for a simultaneous provide or we would recommend waiting until the line is installed for 24-48 hours and we can then see which service your line will support.

As well as different speed offerings, we have a range of capped and unlimited products available to suit all budgets and all services can be provided with 1 free static IP address, with more available on request and subject to additional charges.